4 Tips to Turn Your Bathroom into a Home Spa

Have you always dreamt of having a bathroom that is tranquil and relaxing? Do you fancy yourself coming home after work, pouring a glass of white wine, and sneaking upstairs to your master bathroom sanctuary? Turn your circa 1982 bathroom into something that is modern, functional, and relaxing. But before you get started, there are a few tips you should know to make sure your bathroom looks perfect for you.

  • Fresh Focal Point: No matter the size of your bathroom, ensure it has one main focal point. This could be anything from a piece of art, a large mirror, or a chandelier. Choose something that fits well with the décor and the size of the bathroom. It will look even better if you accent it with other smaller things, like lights.
  • Vintage adds Va-Voom!: An old, claw-foot tub can really tie a room together. Check your local antique and vintage shops to find unique lighting fixtures, flowers, or decorations to give your bathroom a beautiful vintage look. If the items you buy from the antique shops look a little run down, a quick coat of paint will freshen it up nicely.
  • Empower your Shower: Buy a nice shower. It will give you the spa-like relaxation that you’re looking for. If a completely new shower isn’t in the budget, try adding a showerhead, a bench, or heated tiles. All can help give you the feel of a spa in your own home.
  • Cut the Clutter: A disorganized bathroom tends to look like a messy bathroom. When you’re going through your bathroom remodel, make sure you have enough closed cabinet space to hide your toiletries. Something like a vanity can be practical for storage and also add a nice focal point for the room.

If you are looking to start your bathroom remodel soon, give Signature Design Center a call today at (714) 533-9595. We are happy to help you turn your bathroom into the one you have always dreamed about!