8 Ways to Make Your Small Bathroom Remodel Look Bigger

While it may seem impossible to make your tiny bathroom look and feel like it has more space than it actually does, this feat is actually possible. We came up with a list of the most impactful and practical ways to create the illusion of space so you can incorporate them into your small bathroom remodel plans.

1. Add light. Bring in natural light wherever you can. Add or enlarge windows in your bathroom and include more light fixtures where appropriate. A dark room will always feel more enclosed than one that is well lit. In addition, replace old light bulbs with LED bulbs, which put off more light for less money.

2. Big mirrors. Mirrors elongate the space and reflect light. Both of these things make a room feel larger than it actually is. You can add mirrors around the bathroom or replace the mirror you currently have with a larger one.

3. White walls. Having a clean, white color scheme throughout your bathroom will make it feel larger. When your small bathroom is broken down into even smaller sections set apart by different colored walls or fixtures, your bathroom begins to feel extremely tight. If everything visible is white, your eyes will have a hard time breaking up the space and the room will appear to be one large continuous section.

4. Remove the vanity. Vanities take up a lot of space and encourage clutter. Consider installing a pedestal sink that will reduce the amount of physical space the sink inhabits in your bathroom and will limit the amount of clutter because you will be forced to put things away.

5. Remove any cabinets. Cabinets fill up a large block of space that stops the line of sight in a bathroom. This greatly affects the feel of the space and the cabinets begin to crowd the rest of the bathroom. Instead, consider floating shelves or a cupboard with no doors or clear glass doors.

6. Place storage on your door. Put your door to use. Hang a shoe organizer or something similar on the back of your door to store toiletries and other bathroom essentials.

7. Install a see-through shower. Opaque shower curtains or a shower door made of frosted glass section off a large portion of the bathroom. To open up the room, allow the entire space to be seen at once. Install a clear shower curtain or replace frosted glass with clear glass.

8. Use a non-traditional door. Consider pocket doors that disappear when opened or simply have your door open out so that the door itself is not taking up room in your bathroom. Don’t be discouraged by the lack of space in your bathroom. Signature Design Center has seen bathrooms totally transformed by following a few of these tricks. Call us today to get started.

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